Video & Audio

I have been experimenting with producing short, low-budget video and film projects to help communicate my stories about science and environmental restoration. Bigger budgets and more experience would help smooth out the edges. There is no doubt, however, that it’s fun to try new things! Radio also enchants me with its storytelling – my next project, podcasts!

Video from 2022

Morning Monitoring at Giant Marsh

Shadowing scientists and volunteers monitoring a human-made oyster reef surrounded by eelgrass beds. 

Videos from 2018-19

USGS Investigates
50-Year Mystery of
San Francisco Bay

Exploring what four young women scientists do abroad the RH Peterson, a USGS research vessel.

Supershore at
Giant Marsh 

Interviews and an overview of a complex restoration effort to build oyster reefs and plant eelgrass in the Bay, creating critical buffers for shorelines faced with sea level rise and flooding as well as habitat. 


Video from 2017

Two-Way Bay:
Estuary Leaders
Reflect on Resilience

This 8-minute film interviews eight directors of water quality, restoration, and environmental programs around the San Francisco Estuary about their experience of the 2017-2018 Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge.  


Jeff Schechtman interviewed me about our book Natural History of San Francisco Bay in 2012 and about the current challenges and resilience of the San Francisco Estuary in 2019 for the California Sun.