I write articles for a variety of regional publications, including KneeDeep Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Nature, and Maven’s Notebook. I am also the managing editor of KneeDeep Times, a climate resilience magazine, and former editor of Estuary News, a water and environmental restoration magazine.  

Heron's Head restoration SF
Knee Deep Times, May 2023

Shores that Can Shapeshift and Stay Put?

KneeDeep Times, October 2022

Could Textured Tiles Bring the SF Seawall to Life?

textured tiles
Giant Marsh transitions

KneeDeep Times, May 2022

Planting the Edgy Bits at Giant Marsh

Knee Deep Times, Sept 2021

Bi-coastal Experiment
with Oysters & Infrastructure

Estuary Magazine, June 2021

The Coast Whisperer

An Interview with Sam Schuchat

ESTUARY Magazine, 2020

A Century
of First Responders

ESTUARY Magazine, March 2019

Federal Research
Crew Bucks Headwinds 

Heading out on a cruise with a 50-year old water quality monitoring program of San Francisco Bay, now crewed by all-women scientists; the best of federal science in action. 

Bay Nature Magazine, Oct 2017

Stickleback Star of Mt. Tam Creek

Reporting on the adventures of water district biologist Eric Ettlinger as he surveys native steelhead, salmon, stickleback and other fish in the field on Mt, Tam in Marin County, California.

ESTUARY Magazine, June 2018

Unlocking Sediment in Alameda Creek

Designers from New York remake a massive concrete flood control channel draining into San Francisco Bay as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Resilient by Design challenge addressing sea level rise – before not after the disaster.

ESTUARY Magazine, June 2017

LA Drainage Goes Native

Engineering and landscaping innovations in converting “urban drool” — summer runoff from car washing and lawn watering — into irrigation for urban parks and trailways.

Univ. of California, 2009-2010

Profiles of Research Scientists

Brief interviews with leading scientists in the University of California system in many fields: see Eskenazi, Butler, Zuk, Gere, Burney, Famigletti, de la Pena, Bullock.

Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal
July 2018

Cherish the Coast: California
Goes Long 

A review of 40 years of progress on the part of the California Coastal Conservancy in protecting and restoring the state’s coast and watersheds (with three co-authors).

Bay Nature, July 2013

Baylands Reborn

In-depth stories about the people and landscapes involved in wetland restoration around San Francisco Bay. 

Bay Nature, 2012-2015

Climate Dispatches from the Homefront

A series detailing the region’s first steps to understand the impact of sea level rise on San Francisco Bay’s shoreline habitats and communities. 

Breakthroughs, 2010

People Profiles

Profiles of up and coming young female scientsts written for a University of California magazine. 

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