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Estuary News Group

When Estuary News, a public interest magazine covering the preservation, management and restoration of the San Francisco Estuary for over thirty years, ceased publication it’s reporting team carried on.
Today, many of the reporters on the original team still write and share stories through Estuary News Group. This informal network of freelancers specializes in writing stories about topics such as:
  • Restoration of wetlands, creeks, rivers
  • Invasive species
  • Pollution, contaminants, plastic trash
  • Dredging and sediment supply
  • Water conservation, management and recycling
  • Climate change, adaptation and nature-based infrastructure
  • Fish Biology
  • Endangered species science and management
  • And much more…

Today the team often publishes stories on Maven’s Notebook or KneeDeep Times, as well as other news outlets.


Estuary News Group Editors
Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Cariad Hayes Thronson
History & Background

Sample the breadth and depth of this news group’s work on the Estuary News Archive. Not only are all the back issues, from 1992 to 2023, posted on this website, the editors have also selected a handful of stories, from more than a thousand, that they feel represent The Story of the Estuary. In addition, 12 of Estuary‘s most experienced reporters share their reflections on the magazine in Reporters Look Back.


Contact the News Group
If you would like to pitch a story to the news group or hire a freelancer to write something for you or your news outlet, please contact us:
  • estuaryeditor at gmail dot com




Banner photo: Brandon Beach, USCOE