Darren Campeau
Photo: Invasive Spartina Project

I specialize in writing about the friction between people and nature.

I'm fascinated by environmental science, enjoy telling the story of how science is accomplished in the field, and am known for making science "readable."

My clients include NGOs, government agencies and community groups and my products articles, newsletters, brochures, and scientific reports.

Early on in my 25-year-long freelance career, I wrote about saving forests, climbing mountains, stopping pollution, taking transit and building healthier cities. 

Later I specialized in California water issues.  Water is the great connector, influencing nearly every environmental challenge before us today.  It changes the landscape wherever it flows, and wherever people direct it. The waters I know best are those of the San Francisco Bay - Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta Estuary.  My writing about this estuary explores everything from the interaction of ocean tides and freshwater flows to mercury contamination, invasive species, endangered fish, ecosystem restoration and climate change.

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